For Advisors — Informing Clients of the Risks to Their Estate

Is there an aspect of estate planning that you're currently missing when advising your clients? Protecting through tax and wealth transfer strategies is just part of the job. How are you advising clients on how to protect the person will be acting as their executor?

When developing estate plans you can now go one step further in service to clients by talking to them about Executor Liability Insurance.

Litigation over the distribution of an estate can not only take an emotional toll on those involved but take a significant financial toll on the estate and the executor. When assigning an executor that person is placing an incredible amount of trust in them personal and in their service to the estate. Advise your clients on how to protect these trusted individuals by talking to them about the benefits of Executor Liability Insurance.

Has a client called you for advice because they are now acting as the executor of estate? There is plenty of advice that you can provide them on how to act as an executor, but, how do you fulfill your fiduciary duty to advise them on the potential risks and how to protect themselves?

These clients look to you as their professional financial advisor for holistic advice; don't stop half way. Talk to them openly and honestly about how to protect themselves against potential legal action.

These important documents can help you as a professional financial advisor understand the benefits of Executor Liability Insurance and how to talk to your clients about this.

Document 1: Will Preparation Guide
Document 2: Executors Guide
Document 3: Practical Guide to Inheritance Planning
Document 4: Contact Request Form

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