Protecting your Association

Associations face similar risks to private organizations but they also face risks that are unique to themselves. It is important to have the right coverages in place to protect the Association, directors, managers and staff.

Some risks require an intimate knowledge of how associations work in order to not only identify these risks but also to develop insurance solutions to protect against them. Even though volunteers are not employees, associations need to ensure that their volunteers are protected when acting on behalf of the association.

Making insurance decisions can be overwhelming for an association. The first step is to find the right broker whowill work for you:

  • ABS is not a traditional commercial insurance broker
  • ABS is part of an association just like yours
  • ABS understands an association's culture, expectations and challenges. In short ABS understands an association's unique needs As your broker, ABS will work with you to discover your needs and develop solutions to meet those needs. You know your association and ABS knows insurance for associations.

Association executives should not be expected to be an insurance expert, that's where ABS comes in. We work with you to learn about your association and use our own association experience to develop real solutions that won't leave you with crushing premiums or insufficient coverage.

An example of a few areas ABS investigates to fully understand your association:

  • What type of protection do the officers of the association need
  • Are the association’s potential challenges in the area of employment practices?
  • How volunteers are covered under the associations various coverages
  • Does your association have local chapters? If so, how will their activities impact the national or provincial association?

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