Directors & Officer Liability Insurance and Employment Practices Liability Insurance

The cost of litigation for Not-for- Profit organizations can behigh as these organizations do not have the resources of large corporations to defend themselves against liability claims. ABS offers comprehensive Directors and Officer’s liability insurance that will protect not only the assets of the organization but can also the personal assets of its Directors. This coverage solution can be scaled to suit not-for-profit organizations of all sizes and types. Coverage options include:

  • Company Assets and Reputation
  • Personal assets of Directors
  • Employment practices liability insurance

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance — For Profit Organizations

Whether large or small corporations, for profit companies are a favourite target for liability claims due to the perception that these organizations have deep pockets and will often just settle to avoid litigation. Reluctance in investing in the needed resources to assess a company’s risk management is sometimes seen as a distraction from a business’ core objectives. Often companies either don’t invest or can’t invest in the internal resources needed to defend against liability claims.

Liability claims can go after not just the company’s assets but also the personal assets of its Directors. ABS works with corporations to determine their protection needsto provide coverage for both the company and its Directors.

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