Building Programs for your members

Advocis Broker Services starts by learning about what your members do as professionals and how your association works with them to develop and support their professional needs. It is critical to take the time to thoroughly learn about and come to know your member’s unique needs to be able to provide custom protection that is developed to suit their professional practices.

ABS has access to major insurance carriers and will negotiate custom coverage solutions. We believe that the priority in professional liability insurance is Stable, Comprehensive, and Sustainable coverage. Sometimes the cheapest product is not always the best product.

ABS will work with your association to promote and inform your members of the programs that we have developed as partners. Associations need and are expected to deliver value for membership dollars so the primary branding of the program will be your Association.

ABS has experienced member service representatives that will handle all member support for the program. ABS also has advanced technology development capabilities to be able to provide greater online services.

Your members deserve more than just protection for their insurance premiums. They deserve dedicated risk management education to assist them in learning how to mitigate the risks they face in their profession. ABS will work with your Association to develop custom risk management education seminars for your members.

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